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Hyundai TMC R&D Lab.

We will touch our customers with the best goods.

Hyundai TMC has strived for technology development since R&D Lab. was established in June 2002. Under the rapidly
changing domestic and overseas economic environment, it is more important than anything else to continuously research
and develop technology and acquire unique technology in order to acquire competitiveness in the world market and
become a world-class company.

So R&D Lab. of the company will continuously develop the Know-How which is obtained through the company's key
business of defense industry, construction machinery, shipbuilding equipment, ship engines, etc. and actively participate
in the government sponsored projects, Industry-Academy cooperative projects, etc.

And we will study the basic technology which is the driving force and the source of the development of the country,
develop new market with our unique brands, and endeavor to enhance the national competitiveness.